Custom Wedding Invitations

Custom wedding invitation designs are a great way to bring your ideas and inspiration to life! 

Want to make just a few changes or should we start from scratch? 

We have two levels of customization:


Semi-custom upgrades are for when you want to combine or re-arrange elements of a ready made collection house design. For example,  if you wanted to combine certain elements from two designs, change the shade of watercolor flower elements, or move around the elements that already exist within the design.   (5 to 7 weeks minimum)

+$75 Total One Time

If you see a suite you love and you want some small changes, the semi-customization cost is a one time fee of $75.


Custom upgrades are for when you want to create something brand new and uniquely your own! We will work closely together to bring your style and inspiration to life. (8 to 10 weeks minimum) The sky is the limit with custom designs, we have the ability to print with letterpress and metallic foils. Special papers and die cut shapes. Even foil on Plexiglass!  

+$150 Total One Time

If you want to set your own path and go completely custom, the cost is a one time addition of $150. That's it!  


Specialty printing methods, such as letterpress and foil printing, are available.

Please Inquire for a custom quote