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I'm emily Bringmann a watercolor artist based in angier, North Carolina

Hi I'm Emily, and I'm the owner of Feathered Heart Prints. I am a design lover, typography addict, color nerd, and lover of all things watercolor. I love music, puppies, New England, fall, the breeze in my hair, floral tattoos and reality television (I know... don't judge me!) On a typical work day you will find me in my studio, music playing, with my adorable, energetic, golden pup, Penelope (aka Penny), by my side. When I'm not working you can find me scrolling instagram for typography inspirations, fresh new color combinations, and hilarious memes to send to my friends, listening to my talented husband play music , doing branding for my husband's chiropractor office (If you live near Angier, NC check him out here) or talking about all things astrology. 

There is nothing that warms my heart more than emails from new clients full of excitement over their design ideas. I can't wait to turn your inspirations into a reality, so please don't hesitate to say hello or begin a conversation about your upcoming event. 

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CURRENT COLOR CRUSH: Dusty anything (Dusty blue, dusty pink- Gimme all the dusty colors!)

: Astrology (I could literally talk about this for hours)

Reality TV (Survivor and Big Brother are my faves!)


Ice Cream

New England in the Fall

I used to be a therapist before I decided to pursue design

Alex (Husband) & Penny (Pup)

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Some Favorites

Born out of a love for design and a desire for a creative outlet, Feathered Heart Prints officially began in April of 2013. Our passion behind Feathered Heart Prints comes from the philosophy that even the smallest of details matter. For weddings and events, the invitations you choose set the stage for your special events. They are the first peek your guests get to help them know what to expect, so that is why we love to help you set the stage for your amazing celebration! 

Based in Angier, North Carolina, we are your one stop invitation shop, designing everything from wedding invitations, save the dates, and coordinating insert cards to custom stamps, custom wedding maps, programs and menus. Our invitations are flat printed on high quality card stock using a commercial printer, resulting in bold saturated colors and rich, clean text. We offer many luxurious upgrades and unique curated packages to make the shopping experience a stress free, guess free process. You will know what to expect when working with Feathered Heart Prints, and you will not be disappointed!

We also specialize in custom, one of a kind, watercolor pet and home portraits. When it comes to custom portraits, capturing the personality of your pets or the essence of your home is always the goal. We want anything we create for you to not only be memorable but meaningful. Whether it’s for a wedding, baby shower, or a holiday gift for your close friend or family member, we focus on the soul of the event to deliver a product that will make your heart happy!

Thundercats fixie Williamsburg, photo booth synth vinyl dreamcatcher Wes Anderson cliche. You probably haven’t heard of them.

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how it started



"Just received my custom invitation in the mail and I'm absolutely in love with it! Emily is great to work with - she's patient, creative, and has super fast turnaround time! She listens to your feedback then incorporates all your changes into the design. You won't go wrong if you choose Emily as your designer. :)"


"What can I say?! Probably my FAVORITE part about my entire wedding process. The whole experience was exceptional with Feathered Heart Prints. Emily is a kind, professional and an extremely talented soul! She dealt with all my tiny edits and in such a timely matter sent me the products. Emily took my bridesmaid floral prints and made me a custom stationery suite. It was way more than I imagined that I used it all over my wedding venue for signs, favors, and more. The process is seamless and organized from paying to exploring your options to choose from. I couldn't recommend her more. Emily even responded trying to help me as a panic bride who couldn't print her sign out properly with hints and troubleshooting options after her job was finished with me. It makes a HUGE different in the wedding planning project to work with pleasant people who send emails that you look forward to and always put a smile on your face. A beautiful product with a wonderful person to work with!"


"Emily was a joy to work with from start to finish! Her patience and creativity is phenomenal, it makes me wish I had several themed events a year for her to do stationery design. I had Feathered Heart Prints do all my stationary for my wedding – from the Save the Dates, Invitations, Itinerary & Map, Table Numbers, Place Cards, etc. Emily was able to take the style & vision of my wedding and incorporate it with my stationery. For over a year, she was always there to guide me through each process and answer any questions I had. And Emily was right, the map turned out to be my favorite of all! It was such a cute, unexpected detail for my guests that was perfect for a destination wedding. If you are anything like me and are all about details, Feathered Heart Prints is the right choice to create something totally unique and custom for your special day."





Thank you for your interest in working with Feathered Heart Prints! There are many options that we can utilize to help you achieve beautiful invitations and stationery and stay in line with your budget. Our collection design packages are the best if you are on a budget but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and would still like to work one on one with the designer. The average investment for collection designs is around $1000-$2000+ depending on what you include, they are also the fastest design schedule we offer, so those are two huge perks! Fret not though, friend, fast and affordable does not mean "cheap" quality when you are working with us! Our designs are printed on luxe quality papers with professional and amazing printers, so your invitations will be show stoppers no matter what! 

Feathered Heart Prints specializes in creating custom heirloom stationery that will be cherished for years to come. Bringing your love story to life on paper, these are not your average invitations! The investment for custom designs varies, but in general custom design packages range $2500-$4000+ depending on what items you include. Due to the nature of custom design the most accurate way to get a range of costs will be to request a quote through one of the contact forms.




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