Wedding Invitations, Why should I send them?

October 4, 2018

Mail box to send wedding invitations by mail

People often ask me, “WHY the heck do I even need to send an invitation? Can’t I just email people my wedding invitations?” 

First of all, excuse me while my paper loving soul cries in a corner for a few minutes.

But in all seriousness, Let’s talk about why it is best to send a physical printed invitation to your guests. 

Why paper is a better choice than e-mails when it comes to wedding invitations:

Wedding Invitation with Hand Drawn Elements

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  • Deliver important information: Arguably the most important part about sending invitations is you need your guests to know they are invited and all the details so they can join the party! If you don’t have guests, then you don’t really have an event.
  • Show off your personality: Your wedding invitation is an opportunity to show off your personality as a couple. Bring in personal touches that tell your story and fit your event. If you are a fun couple and have a fun love story, tell that with your invitations. If you are a serious couple and love structure and all things elegant, show that off with your wedding paper. Don’t be afraid to show who you are.
  • Set the Tone: Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will get at what to expect when it comes to your wedding. This is your chance to communicate many things about your wedding. Is your wedding upscale? Do you want your guests to come prepared for an elegant party? a garden soiree? A classy cocktail evening party? Use your invitations to convey that to your guests. You can literally spell it out (ex. “Black Tie” on your invitations) OR you can communicate the level of elegance by the paper you send.

What message do you think an e-mailed invitation sends to your guests? What kind of party might they be expecting? 

Mailing Wedding invitations is better than emailing invitations
  • People LOVE to get mail that is not a bill. I know this might sound a bit silly, but seriously barely anybody sends snail mail anymore. In our fast paced lives the majority of our information is sent and shared online. Our physical mailboxes are full of junk and it’s quite honestly depressing. I look forward to the holidays and birthdays because I have a few friends that still send holiday and birthday cards. Nothing makes me more excited than checking the mail to find something that isn’t a bill! :::Cue the audio of angels singing::: Your guests will feel the same level of excitement when they open their mailboxes to find your pretty Invitation.
  • Keepsake: You might hear people say, “But it’s just paper, everyone will just throw it away”….Maybe I’m a bit biased here because I am a paper nerd, but your wedding invitation will be one of the very few remaining elements after your wedding/party is over and done with. Yes you will have your memories and obviously your photographs. But everything else will be gone. I mean, what do you think happens to the venue, rentals, food? You spend lots of money on those, but those don’t get to stay with you forever. Your wedding stationery is a perfect keepsake for you to frame and display, or include in your wedding album to remind you about all the details from your event. 5, 10, 20 years from now you can look back and reminisce about all the details that came together to make your best day ever! When you have good quality wedding stationery, you will be surprised how many of your guests will tell you that they kept your invitation as a keepsake.

Still not convinced you need to send physical wedding invitations? That’s okay, the beautiful thing about planning your wedding is that you can make your own decisions and do what you want! So do what makes you happy and you won’t go wrong.

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  1. You made a good point when you said that invitation guests are being sent out to make your guests aware that they are invited. I will share this with my best friend who is getting married in October. Maybe, she can consider ordering mailing tubes that she can use to send eye-catching invitation letters.


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