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People often ask me, “WHY the heck do I even need to send an invitation? Can’t I just email people my wedding invitations?”  First of all, excuse me while my paper loving soul cries in a corner for a few minutes. But in all seriousness, Let’s talk about why it is best to send a physical […]

Need help organizing your wedding guest list? Feathered Heart Prints is here to help you organize your wedding guest list with a free spreadsheet template that also includes tips and a few commonly asked etiquette questions when it comes to addressing envelopes.  So by now you might have started collecting the addresses of all the […]

How to decide who to include on your wedding guest list Okay, so before you break out in a cold sweat, mounds of crumpled paper at your feet, tears streaming down your cheeks as you cry out in distress shaking your fist in the air at the ghosts of wedding etiquette past, let’s talk a […]